Silent Night
Season 12, Episode 01 / 02
12, 01
Air date July 17, 2012
Written by Brandon Yorke
Directed by Stefan Brogen
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This hour long episode also known as Hallelujah (in Canada) is the season premiere of Degrassi: Season 12 (All Or Nothing). It premiered on July 17th, 2011.


It's Christmas Eve for the teenagers on DeGrassi Street. Alli has just convinced her parents to start trusting her more by letting her stay at home, while they are off visiting relatives for the holidays. Fiona is in the same position, so her and Alli decide that they are going to bond by last-minute shopping at the mall, something Alli wishes she would've never pressured Fiona into doing.

Sub PlotEdit

Clare's parents want her to tag along when they go to meet her father's side of the family on a Christmas Trip, Clare doesn't understand why her mother is going, but Jake helps her realize that her parents want her to pretend like they are still married, something Clare agree's to, but soon realizes the truth will set you free.

Third PlotEdit

Connor is spending Christmas with Mr. Simpson and Spike as they are going to go visit Emma and Spinner. Connor then gets an idea to see his father during Christmas and decides to fake being sick in order to do so. But, when Connor gets his wish, is it something he wishes he could take back?


  • Annie Clark who portrays Fiona Coyne has her last appearance in this episode, due to the fact when she and Alli Bhandari were walking home they get mugged and Fiona gets in the way and is shot and killed.
  • Shenae Grimes who portrays Darcy Edwards supplies the voice on the phone when Clare Edwards calls her to ask her if she is going to be at the Christmas Reunion Trip.
  • Spike makes an guest appearance in this episode.
  • Emma Nelson and Spinner Mason are mentioned and are expecting their first child, but they are never seen.

Songs Featured.Edit

thumb|200px|right|Silent Night - Taylor Swiftthumb|left|200px|Oh Santa! - Mariah Carey