Rolling In The Deep (2)
Season 12, Episode 10
Rolling In The Deep (2)
Air date July 26, 2011
Written by Brandon Yorke
Directed by Stefan Brogen
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Rolling In The Deep (2) is an two-part episode from the 12th season of Degrassi.


Clare can't believe that Jake would actually lie to her like that. The preacher, Robert, decides to invite Clare over to help him settle in to his new home, Clare excepts, but she soon learns that even our greatest heros have a dark side.

Sub PlotEdit

Dave after witnessing someone get injured, due to a car accident, starts to think about quitting street racing. But, he then learns of how much money you can make and he decides to stick to it worth it in the end?

Third PlotEdit

Bianca and Drew are at odds and Drew can't believe that he let himself get involved with Bianca again and starts to regret everything. Drew then struggles with telling his mother, because he feels she is tired of dealing with his drama.