Rolling In The Deep (1)
Season 12, Episode 09
Rolling In The Deep (1)
Air date July 26, 2012
Written by Brandon Yorke
Directed by Stefan Brogen
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Rolling In The Deep (2)

Rolling In The Deep (1) is an two-part episode from the 12th season of Degrassi.


Clare's mother's favorite preacher is coming back and Clare is excited as well because he's her favorite preacher too. Jake doesn't trust the preacher and looks him up online and learns that he is a sex offender, when he tells Clare, she thinks he is doing this out of jealousy and slaps him.

Sub PlotEdit

Dave, has been tried of being in the shadows, he wants to live his life to the fullest and thinks that the best way to do that is by street racing. But, will Dave learn that when it comes to something as dangerous as street racing, no one makes it out alive?

Third PlotEdit

Bianca goes to the doctor and realizes that she has an STI, she doesn't know how to tell Drew, whom doesn't want anything to do with her. Should Bianca keep it from him just to spite him or should she fess up to the truth?