Imma Be (2)
Season 12, Episode 04
Imma Be (1) u
Air date July 19, 2012
Written by Brandon Yorke
Directed by Stefan Brogen
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Imma Be (1)
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Imma Be (2) is a two-part episode of Season 12.


Jenna lets Janice come to the apartment to see Tyson and when KC walks in on the both of them with Tyson, he flies off the handle and tells Janice to leave. Jenna is starting to listen to everything her mother tells her to do, but what happens when Jenna's mother suggests for Jenna and Tyson to come stay with her?

Sub PlotEdit

Marisol is dealing with her Anxiety Attacks well and now that she is, her parents are starting to ignore her. Marisol realizes that the only time they show her support and attention is when she is sick, so she decides to play sick. Something that proves to be fatal when Marisol develops an Panic Disorder.

Third PlotEdit

Connor has been ignored by Brianna long enough, he is tired of her avoiding him in class. Connor then decides to win her heart back, which proves the fact that anything is possible. But, Connor soon asks himself if the relationships is worth saving.

Songs FeaturedEdit

thumb|200px|right|Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peasthumb|200px|left|Til I Get There - Lupe Fiasco