Give Me Everything (1)
Season 12, Episode 05
Give Me Everything (1)
Air date July 20, 2012
Written by Brandon Yorke
Directed by Stefan Brogen
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Give Me Everything (2)

Give Me Everything (1) is a two-part episode from the 12th season of Degrassi.


Clare is tired of being known as the goody two shoes, she's ready to put herself out there. Clare happens to pressure Jake into having sex with her, something Jake states isn't happening because he cares about her too much. Clare soon pushes Jake to the limits and he gives in...but is it everything she wanted?

Sub PlotEdit

Drew is trying to move on past his hectic life and he can't do that when Bianca starts to play mind games with and on him. Can Drew fight the temptation or will the spark from an old flame send him over the edge?

Third PlotEdit

Marisol's love life has been heating up with Barry, a transfer student, but what happens when Marisol learns that Barry is a teen father, can Marisol go through with another third wheel relationship?

Songs FeaturedEdit